Emergency Fund Calculator for India

Before you invest your money, it’s super important to make sure you have enough funds to get through tough circumstances when you need cash the most. This is where an emergency fund will help you.

Using my emergency fund calculator below, you can check how much cash you need to save to survive sudden loss of job, financial loss, accidents and similar unforeseen situations. Recommended reading – AYF – Part 1.


Includes mortgage or rent payments, property taxes, home or renter’s insurance, HOA fees, and household repairs

Includes water, garbage/recycling, gas, electric, phone, internet, and cable

Includes gas, car payments, car insurance, public transit, and ride shares

Includes groceries, take-out, and restaurants

Includes credit cards, loans and other mortgages

Includes health insurance, doctor and dental bills

Includes school/college fee and other education expenses

Includes an unexpected travel expenses

Includes an unexpected event, medical injury, loss and harm

Includes personal care, child care, taxes, other insurances, and leisure

Find out How much money you need to save in your emergency fund.

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